My Favorite Wedding Venues

Wedding photographer in Gers

Aerial wedding in Castelnau des Fieumarcon – Gers ©Isasouri –

Wedding photographer in Gers. If your are still hesitating with your wedding venue, here is a selected list of the places I love to shoot in !

All stunning buildings and spectacular reception venues, mostly located in South West of France, in Gascony, between Bordeaux and Toulouse. The best location to be married in !!!

Call them from Isabelle Bazin – isasouri photo ;). Your exclusive wedding photographer in Gers and beyond !

Exclusive selection from your wedding photographer in Gers

Château de Malliac – Montréal du Gers
Chartreuse de Dane – St Jean de Poutge
Château de Camon – Camon
Château de Poudenas – Poudenas
Château de Lisse – Réaup-Lisse
Château de Nolet – Aucamville
Château de Combis – Samatan
Château de Flamarens – Flamarens