My Favorite Wedding Venues

Wedding photographer in Gers

Outdoor Wedding in Castelnau des Fieumarcon – Gers ©isasouri –

If you are still hesitating with your wedding venue, here is a selected list of the places I love to work in!

All stunning buildings and spectacular reception venues, mostly located in the South West of France, in Gascony, between Bordeaux and Toulouse: the best location to be married in !!!

Call them on behalf of Isabelle Bazin – isasouri photo 😉 – your exclusive wedding photographer in the Gers and beyond!

An exclusive selection from your wedding photographer in the Gers

Château de Malliac – Montréal du Gers
Chartreuse de Dane – St Jean de Poutge
Château de Camon – Camon
Château de Poudenas – Poudenas
Château de Lisse – Réaup-Lisse
Château de Nolet – Aucamville
Château de Combis – Samatan
Château de Flamarens – Flamarens