Wedding photographer in Gascony

Hi, it’s me isasouri and I’m happy to see you here 🙂


I live in the south of France (Gers) but I work everywhere, I love traveling. I photograph weddings throughout France and international destinations,  with a creative and sensitive approach.

I am a passionate storyteller with my photos and approach. I am an easy-going person & I am also very discreet & I love having fun… With me, you will feel at ease.

You wish for images that remind you of your most beautiful memories… You are a couple of lovebirds, fun and offbeat, so we will get along! Whether you live far away or not, no problem I will follow you as soon as our paths cross. A good photo album, for me, translates into sincerity, creativity, good humor, and the desire to please you, because I love people, I love beautiful stories, sincerity, and authenticity… Images that represent you!

Photography is also a state of mind. It is a connection between reality and fiction. Photography captures the now. My style is Timeless – Elegant – Happy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your story in your image, FOR MOMENTS OF ETERNITY…

I have put together a list of frequently asked questions that will help you plan ahead for your photo session.

My personal touch
I like to be discreet and take natural pictures. To be present, but invisible at the same time. People have been known to say that I have a simple, natural, and reassuring presence. My priority is to recreate the atmosphere of the day. I capture emotions, exchanges, glances, joy, and fun. I approach your wedding as a story-telling project that is also artistic and that has your emotional interests at heart. I will set up the formal photos in accordance with your wishes, but I will also organize myself so that I can capture elements of the setting and your environment that are authentic, beautiful, and that looks perfectly natural. I will be able to put you at ease thanks to simple methods that I will explain to you. Most of my wedding clients really don’t like posing for the camera, but when they see the results of my work they are enchanted by the simplicity and emotions that exude.

We can meet at my studio in Goutz in the Gers or otherwise we can plan a conference call on Skype or WhatsApp. It helps if we are able to get to know each other a bit so that we are at ease with each other. We will all feel more at ease and it will give me an enhanced sense of those crucial instances which in turn will result in the most beautiful photos.

I like to propose holding an « engagement » session as it helps people to feel more at ease on your special day. But if you prefer not to have an intimate photo shoot of the two of you alone before the wedding there’s nothing stopping you from doing it afterward in a location that you are particularly fond of.

I am available to help you with all the details, to assist in setting up timetables, and offer advice on all aspects of our joint project. I can also recommend different suppliers to you if you need them.

After your wedding, I get straight down to work on your photos and I will even be able to send a few examples for you to look at. This is when I select and enhance your photos: I may adjust the colours slightly or the contrast; I can convert some of the photos into black and white if you want. But at no point do I make any modifications to you or your guests.
2 to 7 weeks later, depending on the number of photos, I will send you a link to the private photo gallery for you and your guest and then you will receive a USB stick on which will be all the photos so that you can keep them for your personal use.
For the photo albums, you choose the photos you like best. You will need to wait for up to 8 weeks to receive your album after approving the layout.

This is a session for just the two of you so that you can explore your feelings and express yourselves freely. You are completely relaxed and far away from any stress which helps in capturing a visual representation of your mutual commitment. It is also an excellent way for us to get to know each other better. It enables me to study you both and find your best profiles so that we can work together more spontaneously on the day itself.

These are photos you can use in your guestbook, as part of your save the date message, to illustrate your wedding invitation, to use in the décor, or to enhance the blog created to announce your wedding. Or you can just keep them for yourselves. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you will find that they are a great asset.

There are several versions you can choose from: the day after or the trash the dress moment. These are sessions held just with the couple after the wedding. You are relaxed and you choose the location and the time: at sunset and/or at dawn … by the sea or in the mountains, the place where you met for the first time. There are a great many reasons for taking these photos after the wedding but mainly it is because you are likely to be more relaxed and more attentive: because it’s a moment just for you… and you alone.

On the wedding day itself, we rarely have more than 30 minutes to take photos of the couple on their own, sometimes as little as 20 minutes. We do take beautiful photos but the day itself is not necessarily the ideal time for reflecting this perfect occasion due to location or weather conditions. So this formula gives you the chance to choose the date that suits you best as well as your preferred location; it could be on your honeymoon, at your place of residence, and even in fancy dress if you like!
One of these photos will undoubtedly be perfect for sending out as a thank you message printed on a real postcard. Another lovely surprise for your guests. And you will have photos of your dreams.

OH YES. As soon as the photo sessions are completed, I upload the images onto an external hard drive and then copy them onto other external hard drives. There are normally two extra copies in addition to the original that I keep for a minimum of three years. So your photos are available whenever you need them

Yes. The photos on the USB key are for your personal use. I own the copyright, however. If you wish to use or publish them on a website or a blog you must always quote my name as the author thereof: photo©isasouriphoto.com.

Yes indeed. You can choose different formulas depending on your requirements, your wishes, and your budget.
The starting price for my service is €990 that includes the photo shoots as well as top-quality photos in high definition. So, if you would like to receive a quote or you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact me at isasouri@me.com or call me: +33 (0)5 34 30 40 87.
I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to capture these magical moments with you forever.